Siirry suoraan sisältöön

Space weather in Finland

Probability of auroras

Probability of auroras estimated from the level of geomagnetic activity:
Blue: no activity
Yellow: medium activity
Red: high activity
Black: no data.

Activity forecast, 1 hour

Geomagnetic activity forecast based on solar wind data. The two values for the next hour give an interval, where RX will be at a 90 % probability. RX is the range of the North component of the geomagnetic field. The colours indicate the level of activity:
low – increased – moderate – high – very high.

All-sky camera, Kevo

All-sky camera image from Kevo, northern Lapland. The image is not updated during daylight hours.

Ionospheric TEC

Image courtesy of Tomoscand project.

Height-integrated electron density in the ionosphere.

Nurmijärvi K

Local geomagnetic quasi-K index at Nurmijärvi, Southern Finland. The index is calculated automatically for moving three-hour periods, without subtracting daily variation.

Modelled GIC

Modelled average geomagnetically induced current (GIC) in the Finnish power grid.


Image courtesy of Nasa, Solar Dynamics Observatory and AIA science team.

Solar image at 193 Å wavelength. Coronal holes, producing fast solar wind, are black. Active regions are light.